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About Långholmen kajak

Långholmen kayak was founded in 2012 as a kayak rental on Långholmen in Stockholm and has since had a simple vision – to make the water in Stockholm and around Sweden available to as many people as possible.

In the spring of 2012, Daniel, a resident of Reimersholme near Långholmen, got a big urge to get out on the water and take part in the beautiful Pålsund Canal. Growing up on the waterfront in Piteå in Norrbotten, Daniel saw it as a matter of course and necessary to be able to get out on the water in simple forms and enjoy a few hours. The lack of an easily accessible way to get out on the water and with a strong conviction that more people in the area shared this need, led Daniel together with his wife Samra and brother Anton to start their own kayak rental – Långholmen kajak.

Today, we are passionate about giving other people the opportunity to get out into nature in general and on the water in particular, to give people a break from everyday life and in the long run contribute with people’s increased health and well-being. We believe that the combination of nature experience and healthy exercise you get through kayaking is the ultimate way to increase your well-being. For us, the nature experience comes first, and the gadgets come second. We therefore want to make Sweden’s water accessible by offering the best products possible to get the greatest possible value from the nature experience, without them costing more than necessary. We therefore offer a large range of kayaks, SUPs and accessories, suitable for all levels of paddlers, for both rental and sale.

Havspaddeln – a brand developed by Långholmen kajak

After running the kayak rental for a few years, we had tried kayaks from many of the major suppliers. However, we quickly realized that it cost more than it tasted, and we lacked the opportunity to effectively translate the valuable feedback we received from our rental customers regarding the features and characteristics of kayaks. We wanted the opportunity to influence and develop the kayaks to suit our customer group in the best way (beginner to medium paddlers). After intensive searching for a kayak manufacturer who wanted to meet our needs, a couple of years later we had found a factory where we had the opportunity to design the design, quality, and other characteristics of the kayaks. Today we have manufactured about 15 kayak models and even more kayak accessories – all under our brand Havspaddeln. Simple, stylish and durable high-density plastic kayaks with a focus on high functionality at a good price.

We offer

Rent kayaks

Långholmen kajak is today one of Sweden’s most visited kayak rentals. You will find us at Pålsundskanalen on the historic prison island of Långholmen where we with good and nice staff make sure to take care of you and your company from start to finish, so that you feel safe on the water regardless of the level of experience. If you are interested in learning more about kayaking, we also offer courses for both beginners and those who have paddled a lot before. We also offer guided paddle tours, both for individuals and companies, where our knowledgeable guides instruct in paddle technique and tell interesting anecdotes about the environment you paddle in.

Shop Kayak

If you are looking to buy a kayak or accessories, you can always get help with us to choose and test paddle kayaks as well as associated equipment to feel safe before your purchase. We are available by phone for questions and we have knowledgeable staff on site who can guide you in your purchase decision and then take into account your conditions, needs and your paddling background. Our kayak models are proven for many years from our rental business, and we make annual adjustments and improvements to the kayaks. On our blog we have written many articles and guides that can be valuable for those who are interested in paddling. We also have a webshop where you can read more about the kayaks we sell and buy your kayak directly online to have the kayak delivered to the door.

You can visit us at our rental on Långholmen (at Långholmsbron) during the period May to September, or in our showroom at Hornsgatan 151 at Hornstull in Stockholm for the rest of the year.



How to get to Långholmen kajak

Our rental is located by the beautiful Pålsund Canal on Långholmen. Rental and courses start from here, the nearest address is Alstaviksvägen 3. Parking is available at Långholmen camping next to us. Our guided tours are based on our rental in Tantolunden.