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Of course! We have kayaks that are stable and beginner adapted, but if you feel unsafe we usually recommend paddling together with someone in a two-man kayak that is the most stable kayak. Our staff is available on the jetty for a routine review of what is good to think about and help you get in and out of the kayak.

We also organize a kayak course for beginners. You can reade more about it here.

To rent a kayak at Långholmen kayak, you must be over 18 years of age (or accompanied by a guardian).

Yes, even if you borrow a life jacket from us, you need to be able to swim.

It is mandatory to wear a life jacket.

Of course, it is possible to paddle with children of different ages. When paddling with children, it is important to keep track of the weather and only go out in conditions that you yourself master. If you are a very experienced kayaker, it is usually possible to paddle with a small child on your lap in a one-man kayak. If you are two adults, you can instead rent a two-man kayak where one of the adults sits with the child at the front of the kayak, while the other takes care of the paddling. If the child is big enough to paddle by himself, it also works, as long as an adult comes out on the water in their own kayak and the adult feels safe in the kayak and can help the child if necessary.

All our kayaks are stable and it´s very rarely happens that someone overturns. The most common is to overturn when boarding or disembarking. In the unlikely event that you tip over, you are wearing a life jacket, but it can also feel safe to know that you are not stuck in the kayak but can easily get out in case of an accident. For your own safety, we recommend paddling near land.

Wear comfortable clothes so you can easily move around. If it is windy and / or rainy, bring a jacket and an extra change of clothes. It can also be good to bring a bottle of water and sunscreen.

There is room where you can leave bags and shoes, but we take no responsibility for lost valuables. There is plenty of space in the kayaks for luggage and you can also rent waterproof bags (drybags) from us that you can have your valuables in and bring along during the tour.

The season runs from May to September. The high season is in July – August. For paddling before and after the season, contact us for more information!

Normally there are kayaks and Stand Up Paddlebaords available on weekdays during the off-season. Weekends require a few days’ foresight. During the high season (July – Aug) we have higher loads both weekdays and public holidays so good foresight is required.

Yes it is possible to book rentals and tours directly on site. However, it is always best to book in advance, both for your own sake, but also so that our staff can plan your equipment in advance in the best way.

Life jacket, paddle, chapel, map and basic instructions.

Life jacket, paddle, map, foot leash and basic instructions.

If you have pre-booked a tour via our website, the payment will be made immediately at the time of booking. If you have chosen to book directly on site, payment is made by card, Swish payment or cash.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to get out on the water and therefore offer a 20% discount to students and to families who paddle in two-man kayaks with children under the age of 12 Read more about discounted paddling here.

Unfortunately, we do not have our own car park, but there is a paid parking right next to the rental on Skutskepparvägen under Västerbron. To get there, you go over pålsundsbron and take the first left.

We do not cancel or refund booked kayaks. Instead, you can choose to purchase a rebooking guarantee when booking. xceptions occur in the event of thunderstorms or other circumstances that may make the paddle ride dangerous.

With a rebooking guarantee (20 SEK/person) you can reschedule and change the date and time of your tour until 6 hours before the tour starts.until 6 hours before the tour starts. Here you can reschedule yor booking.

To buy a giftcard/vouchert that can be used for kayak/SUP rental on Långholmen kayak you can click here.


For those who want to paddle a little more often, but who do not have the opportunity to store a kayak at home, we offer stamp cards for 5 or 10 paddle tours of 2 hours in one-man kayak. Please note that the card is personal and cannot be combined with other offers. If you buy a 10 card, you save 800 SEK, which means that you get about 3 paddle tours in the bargain! Click here to place your order.