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Behöver du ändra tiden för din bokning?

På denna sida kan du ändra tiden för din bokning om du valde till Ombokningsgaranti vid bokningstillfället. Hitta din bokning med bokningsnummer och e-post.

  • Stockholm is such a unique city. A capital built on many islands, connected by hundreds of bridges, makes a perfect playground for kayakers. Which island is your next stop? 🌊
  • Into the blue abyss 🌊 SUP rental now available at Långholmen kajak, book your SUP for this weekend on our website! ☀️ #långholmenkajak#standuppaddle#visitstockholm#adventuretime#kayaking
  • Which color do you prefer on your kayak? 🎨
  • Water surrounding you, cliffs and the stillness at sea. Who would you like to paddle with? Tag someone below that you would like to spend time with 🌊⁠ .⁠ .⁠ . ⁠ Photo: @thisisvalence⁠ Edit: @thisisvalence⁠
  • Is this a game of pick-up sticks or kayaks? 🌊⁠ Långholmen kajak can handle big groups at once - this picture is taken on a company event with almost 80 people on the water at once, in the middle of Stockholm.
  • In the middle of Stockholm you have the rare opportunity to see the city’s beautie from the perspective of the sea. Come and chat with our staff and jump on a SUP or kayak! ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ Photo: @thisisvalence⁠ Edit: @thisisvalence⁠