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Kayak – the best means of transport for beautiful nature experiences

A kayak is by definition a covered canoe that is performed with a double-bladed paddle. Kayaking is not only a wonderful way to experience nature and silence, but also gentle training and exercise for hela kroppen, även benen. Den rymmer tillräckligt mycket för en veckolång tur i skärgården, och ändå väger själva kajaken inte mer än att den kan bäras av en ensam person. Eftersom den glider fram ljudlöst ser du sjöfåglarna på mycket närmare håll, och har du tur bryts vattenytan snart av svarta huvuden med morrhår: unga nyfikna sälar som undrar vad du har för dig.

If you are interested in buying a kayak, we recommend reading the text 5 things to consider when buying a kayak

The very word kayak is Inuit and means "craft for men". The kayaks were originally made of seal skins stretched over a frame made of wood or whale bones. They were originally developed for seal hunting with harpoon and were, as a rule, small and cramped – it is often said that the Inuit do not get into the kayak, but "put it on". The cockpit is extremely small on traditional models and the greenlanders never leave them when capsizing, but get up with the help of so-called "casting" or Eskimo turn.

If you want to rent a kayak, or want to know more about kayak courses and other leader-led tours, you can read more and book here.

Kayaks are historically – and are still used – throughout Greenland and elsewhere in the Arctic and vary quite a lot from region to region, both in shape and size. Modern sea kayaks originate from the vessels from the disko bay area on greenland's west coast, which is mostly a coincidence – when British manufacturers started modern manufacturing in the 60s and 70s, the role models happened to come from just there.

They are now made as one-man or two-man kayaks in various plastic materials and have rudder or so-called sled, a small fin under the stern, which is folded down with a small lever at the side of the cockpit. At least two larger waterproof packing areas are available, and these also act as floating anchors that make the boat unsinkable when capsizing. The cockpits, which were originally closest to the circle round, have become larger and longer, so-called "keyhole", to facilitate entry and disembarkation.In other words: they have been adapted for Westerners who on average are slightly more large. So you can now calmly engage in paddling without mastering the role.

Today, kayaks can be rented in many parts of the country and paddle interest has increased explosively in recent years. Beginner courses, guided tours of different difficulty levels and role courses are available in more and more places and you can try most things, from Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP), one-man kayak, two-man kayak, Canadian, etc.More and more people are discovering the agility and silence, you arrive in shallow waters where no larger boats venture in, or, if you are a little bolder, to the outermost inserts far out to sea. A modern kayak does not load as much as a canadian, but still significantly more than, for example, a mountain backpack. But also do not need to save weight in the same way as when hiking in the mountains, but can cost yourself that little extra that puts a silver lining on the weekly tour.

A couple of kayaks can easily fit on a regular car roof.This makes it easy and easy to travel country and country and find your own favourite places. The right of public access, and all our lakes, rivers and rivers, as well as our long coastline with all its archipelagos, make Sweden the perfect country to experience from a kayak.

Of course, safety thinking is important. Longer trips for unfamiliar paddlers are conveniently done with experienced guiding. Despite the obvious risks and exposure at sea, fatal accidents are statistically extremely rare. Beginner courses usually include various things to consider, such as equipment and methods of comrade rescue or self-rescue with float.

However, swimming skills and good judgment are a good start.

If you have questions or want to know more about kayaks and canoeing in general, you are welcome to contact us at Långholmen kajak!

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