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Kayak course for green paddle pass

Acquire a green paddle pass with our popular course. The course is divided into 5 supervised occasions, and ends with an examination. All events take place from Långholmen in the middle of central Stockholm!

This is the kayak course for those who already know the basics, but want to learn a little more!

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Learn among other things:

Learn effective paddling technique

How to get in and out of a kayak both on a deck and up on land

Safety and rules out at sea

Buddy rescue

For you who want to take kayaking to the next level

In the course for Green Paddle Pass we will dive deeper into the different parts of kayaking, and a great focus will be placed on exploring maneuvering and paddling techniques further. We will build on your basic knowledge and create a more natural drive in your paddling.

Our kayak course for Green Paddle Pass is designed according to EPPs (Euro Paddle Pass) criteria and follows the Swedish Canoe Federation's guidelines, as the goal of this course is to pass the Green Paddle Pass. As a participant, you can therefore expect a well thought-out course with a clear structure and goals. You as a participant get all the opportunities to develop and dive into the world as a canoeist!

Since the course for Green Paddle Pass is a continuation course designed in accordance with EPP's guidelines, some prior knowledge is required to get the most out of the course. This knowledge corresponds to a yellow paddle pass according to EPP standard.

Nb! You do not need to have a Yellow Paddle Pass to participate in this course, you only need to have corresponding experience and knowledge.

Course layout

We have chosen to divide the course into 5 different evening sessions. The advantage of several meetings is that you as a participant get the opportunity to focus on a smaller number of course elements during these occasions, and you get the opportunity to reflect and train yourself training between occasions to become as safe and competent paddler as possible.

Time First Second Third Fourth Fifth
18-21 18 Aug 25 Aug 1 Sep 8 Sep 15 Sep

NB! The occasions are not rebookable.

The course always start from Långholmen.

This is included in the course fee:
  • Kayak rental at all times
  • All necessary equipment
  • Certified instructor
  • The examination for Green Paddle Pass

Price: 3990 SEK

For all tours applies:
• Number of participants: max 8 persons, minimum 2 persons
• Maximum weight: 130 kg
• Knowing how to swim is required

Good things to bring:
• Water bottle
• Change of clothes
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses

When the course is completed with a pass grade, you have reached the "EPP green level", which is level two out of a total of five available levels. You then have the opportunity to buy a GREEN EPP paddle pass for 150 SEK that we will help you order.

Grönt paddelpass
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Find us and get prepared

The kayaking courses start at our rental on Långholmen. Alstaviksvägen 3 is the address, you can park right next to us at Långholmen camping. Please arrive 10 minutes early for check in and some time to prepare the equipment.

Warm welcome!

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