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Eskimo Roll Course

No matter if you are a used deep sea paddler or a kayak enthusiast this course on eskimo rolls will give you the confident you need to get to the next level!

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The Highlights:

Become an expert on comrade rescue

T-rescue and eskimo rolls

Be given private assistans by an experienced instructor

Enjoy the nature in the relaxing Pålsundet

För dig som vill ta nästa steg som kajakpaddlare

Our instruction Erik Wahlberg has massive experience of teaching paddlers in all ages to successfully execute eskimo rolls. Our 2-hour courses give you more than enough time to learn and practice every step of the eskimo roll. The small group size of max 5 participants makes sure all paddlers get valuable individual feedback to enhance their technique in hopes of mastering the eskimå roll!

Am i ready to roll?
To be able to learn the eskimo roll you have to be comfortable enough with a paddle in your hands to still be able to focus and learn a new skill, while you are upside down and under water. It may seem frightening, but there is no need to worry. We have many years of experience teaching this skill and have thought hundreds of paddlers to successfully execute eskimo rolls. Are uncertain if you will manage this course? Mail us then and we will give you advice, or you can sign up for ourKayaking course for beginners

TIP! Bring swimming goggles and a nasal clamp for the best experience!

- Experience level: Beginner
- Previous knowledge: Basic knowledge
- Age: >15 years

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Eskimo Roll Course
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Find us and get prepared

The kayaking courses start at our rental on Långholmen. Alstaviksvägen 3 is the address, you can park right next to us at Långholmen camping. Please arrive 10 minutes early for check in and time to prepare the equipment.

Warm welcome!