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Night kayaking in Stockholm

Experience Stockholm from the water - during the night! It is an exciting and unique adventure to slowly cruise through Stockholms waters in the dark night.

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The Highlights:

Enjoy the sunset from the water

Silently cruise through the night in beautiful Stockholm

See Stockholm’s "skyline"

En unik upplevelse av Stockholm

Do you search a different, exciting but still peaceful experience? Then you found the right place!

Out night kayaking offers an unique experience were you get to cruise through the night in the heart of Stockholm, on the dark and calm waters.

How does it work?

When you first arrive at Långholmen kajak we give you a hand to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. We then go through some basics regarding paddling and all the important safety measures, as well as distributing light sources. When everyone is ready the guide will bring the group out on Mälaren to enjoy a magnificent sunset from the kayaks. We then paddle through the dusk until the sun completely sets and the moon appears. The three-hour long tour via Essingesundet will bring us away from the urban city and closer to classic nature. Which gives us an opportunity to hear the nocturnal wildlife who lives around Mälaren. This tour is for those who seek something extra and wishes to get the absolute maximum out of their kayaking experience. When most kayak rentals close, we open so that you can get an exclusive and unforgettable adventure.

Night kayaking fits those who have paddled a couple of times before and feels safe inside a kayak. (If you want to practice before - sign up for a beginners´ course or come and rent a kayak a couple of times, so you learn the basics!)

A tip is to bring a water bottle, some light food, a warm shirt/jacket and a spare change of clothes.

Price: 690 kr all equipment included
Time: Kl. 21.00-00.00
Date: 31/7, 7/8
Place: Starts at Långholmen kajaks rental
Number of participants : Maximum 8, minimum 2
Requirement: Being able to swim, 18+ years or in the company of a guardian

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Find us and get prepared

The tour start at our rental on Långholmen. Alstaviksvägen 3 is the address, you can park right next to us at Långholmen camping. Please arrive 10 minutes early for check in and some time to prepare the equipment.

Warm welcome!