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Gift cards & Mult-use cards

Give away a gift card or a multi-use card at Långholmen Kajak! You choose which type of card and at what amount. A code will then be sent to your email for easy use and access.

The vouchers are valid for one year from purchase date.

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Gift card

Give kayaking as a gift

Give a kayak tour as a gift, it is a present everyone appreciates! Here is how:

1. Chose "Gift card" in the box "Voucher type"
2. Decide the amount you wish for the gift card
3. Fill in your own contact information
4. Proceed with the online payment
5. Print the email with the voucher code and give as a gift face to face, or just send to the happy receiver over email!

On the gift card there is a code that can be entered online while you book your kayak experience. Would the booking fee be larger than the voucher, then the remaining amount is payed online.

Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions.

Multi-use card

Multi-use card for those who wants to paddle often

For you who wishes to paddle a bit more but lack the possibility ta keep a kayak at home, we now offer multi-use cards for 5 or 10 paddle tour á 2 hours in a single kayak. Make sure to note that the card is personal and cannot be combined with other special offers.

Köper du ett 10-kort sparar du 700 kr, med andra ord får du ca 3 paddelturer gratis!

To buy a multi-use card you choose the option "multiuse card kayak", which card type you wish to buy and inserts your contact information. You will then be moved to the payment website. When the payment is completed a conformation mail is sent to you with the code that you will use when you book your upcoming kayak tours!

Please contact us on [email protected] if you have any questions.

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