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Rent a SUP Stockholm

Rent a SUP at Långholmen kajak

Do you wonder how it feels to walk on water? Then rent a SUP! To paddle on a SUP involves standing on a large surfboard, cruising forwards with the help of a paddle. You will feel the water softly touching the sole of your feet, creating the illusion of you smoothly walking on the water.

Some decides to make the SUP tour into a peaceful and relaxing time while others make it into a real workout. Did you know you can also do yoga on a SUP? Check on our website for vacant spots on the summers upcoming courses!

When you first start paddling it may be best to start of on your knees, since a lower center of gravity increases the stability. After a while you can try standing up with a wide stance. When you paddle forwards a couple of strokes on each side makes the SUP go straight. The most important thing to remember while you paddle is to activate your upper body and core, instead of just using the arms.

As with all watersports is it important to be aware of your surroundings while you paddle SUP. Make sure you are always watching out for others who are on the water, for example boats and kayaks. If it is quite windy you should always try to stay close to land, and as a general rule of thumb try to never paddle SUP alone.

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Popular Routes

In the Stockholm archipelago there are plenty of islands, cobblestones and canals that make the number of different routes to paddle unlimited. We have listed some of our favorites here.

Prices & FAQ




250 SEK
350 SEK
650 SEK


The answer to this question depends on the age and confidence of the child. We have life jackets in all sizes, and if you are used to kayaking, it is okay to paddle with a small child in your lap in a one-man kayak. It is also often possible to sit two adults and one child in a two-man kayak, with the child in the lap of the one sitting in the front. A child big enough to paddle a one-man kayak on their own can do so, accompanied by an adult.

Remember that all kayaking is at your own risk!

To paddle with us it is necessary that you are over 18 years old (or in your guardians company) and that you can swim. We have kayaks that are stable and suitable for beginners, but if you feel insecure, we recommend paddling with someone else in a two-man kayak, our most stable kayak.

You can also take a beginner's coursewith us. Read more and sign up here on the website.

Wear comfortable clothes so you can easily move around. If it is windy and / or rainy, bring a jacket and an extra change of clothes. It can also be good to bring a bottle of water and sunscreen.

There is room to leave your bag and shoes, but we cannot take any responsibility for your belongings. There is plenty of room in the kayaks for luggage, and you can also rent waterproof drybags from us that you can carry your valuables in.

We do not refund a booked kayak. If you add the rebooking guarantee to your reservation you may however change the date and time up until 6 hours before it starts, you can change your reservation here. Exeptions are made in case of thunder or other circumstances that makes the trip dangerous.

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Find us and get prepared

All rental starts at Långholmen next to Pålsundskanalen. Nearest address is Alstaviksvägen 3, parking is available at Långholmen camping. The nearest metro is Hornstull and if you take a bus you can go to Högalidsgatan (bus 4) or Bergsund strand (bus 54 & 66).

Please arrive 10 minutes before your reservation to check in and prepare the equipment. Warm welcome!

Courses & Events

Do you want to paddle with others in a group led by an experienced instructor? Book one of our upcoming courses or events below.