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Sunday chill out at Långholmen

Pamper yourself with a nice and relaxing day at Långholmen. Discover the amazing properties of the water in combination with yoga, both on the water and on land. In addition, we get to spoil the taste buds with a lovely brunch at Långholmen Wärdshus!

Highlights of the tour:

Nice day on Långholmen in a lush environment.

Explore yoga at your individual level.

No previous experience required.

Sunday chill out at Långholmen

  • Price: 995 kr, incl SUP-yoga, brunch and yin-yoga
  • Day: Sunday 22/5, 12/6
  • Time: 10.30-14.30
  • Place: Långholmen kajak


SUP-yoga 75 min

This SUP-Yoga or Board Yoga class gives you the conditions to discover the amazing properties of water in combination with yoga. It’s not about moving your yoga practice out on the SUP board, but more about curiously exploring the interaction between the body and the board on the water surface. The less static you are in your body, mind and heart, the more flow, balance and calmness you will experience on the board. The feedback is immediate. Your body will love exploring both new and familiar yoga exercises floating on the board.

No prior knowledge of yoga, exercise or previous board experience is needed. The classes are held in both English and Swedish and do not focus on reaching perfect positions or pushing the body into different exercises, but rather to move with joy and freedom.

Yin-yoga 60 min

Yin Yoga is characterized by soft relaxed positions with a light stretch, performed in stillness and conscious presence. Each position is held for at least 3-5 minutes giving you time to find contact with your body and mind. In Yin Yoga, you open up the body’s fascia, connective tissue, instead of the muscles. This is achieved by relaxing in each position, letting gravity do the job and breathing with conscious breaths.

A major focus is on the area around the hips and lumbar spine. These are especially rich in connective tissue and, according to yoga philosophy, store physical as well as emotional tension.

For all classes applies:

  • Be there about 10 minutes before class starts.
  • Prior knowledge: No prior knowledge required
  • Classes are held in both English and Swedish.
  • Number of participants: max 15 pers, at least 6 pers.
  • Knowing how to swim is required
  • Max weight: 130 kg (for SUP-yogan)

Good things to bring:

  • Change of clothes
  • Yoga mat
  • A blanket
  • Comfortable clothes to yoga in, both on the board and on land.
  • A warmer sweater for relaxation depending on the weather.
  • Bottle of water, sunscreen and sunglasses if needed

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Find us and get prepared

The tour starts at our rental at Långholmen. Alstaviksvägen 3 is the address, with parking at Långholmen camping next to us. Please come 10 minutes before to check in and prepare with equipment.

Warm welcome!