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Try kayaking

During a few evenings in May, we offer kayak try-on-paddling, where you get the opportunity to try and familiarize yourself with kayaking.

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Prova på paddling

A safe first experience of paddling

Get valuable tips from an instructor

Learn something new!

Try paddling with an instructor

During May, you have the opportunity to try paddling together with an experienced instructor. The try-on paddling is suitable for those who have never paddled before and want to learn the basics or for those who have paddled before and want to refresh their memory.

During the trial you will learn the basics of kayaking, such as how to get in / out of the kayak, paddling technique, safety, what rules apply at sea, etc. We start together on land and then step into the kayaks and get out on the water.In the water, we start by getting to know the kayak by paddling forward, backward and turning. When you feel comfortable with it, we do some technique exercises, before paddling a quiet ride around Långholmen together.

Price: 490 SEK/person

For all tours apply:
• Number of participants: max 10 pers, min 2 pers
• Max weight: 130 kg
• Being able to swim is a requirement

Good things to bring:
• Water bottle
• Change of clothes
• Sunscreen
• Sunglasses

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Find us and get prepared

The tour starts at our rental at Långholmen. Alstaviksvägen 3 is the address, with parking at Långholmen camping next to us. Please come 10 minutes before to check in and prepare with equipment.

Warm welcome!