Recommended paddle trips when kayaking in Stockholm

With Långholmen kayak as a starting point, there are many good kayak tours in Stockholm to experience the inner city from the water. Below we give you tips on some of our most popular tours, click on the header to read more about the tour:

The “Eight“(1.5h / 6000 m)

Difficulty: 2/5 (good beginner's trip)
Paddling an "eight" around Långholmen and Reimersholme is our most popular tour – its perfect if you want to paddle in a quiet and comfortable pace and have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Ideal also for those who will bring picnic and want to find their own favorite spot along Långholmens cliffs.

Around Kungsholmen (2h-4h / 10 000m)

Difficulty: 3/5 (for those who paddled some time before)
The paddle trip of 10 km around Kungsholmen is a classic among Stockholm's inner city paddlers. A very beautiful tour with a mixture of calm water and channels and a bit more bumpy water. This tour is manageable in 2 hours (without pausing) if you have previous experience of kayaking. If you have less experience, you should rent the kayak for 2-4 hours in order to not have to rush.