Around Djurgården

The tour starts from our dock where you paddle out under Långholmsbron and then left past Hornstull Strand and Liljeholmsbron. You then continue past Tantlounden with its baths and our sister rental Tanto SUP and kayak. You then pass a number of boat clubs, bridges and lush Årsta islets. When you reached Skanstullsbron and Hammarbyslussen you waiting for your turn. When the sluice-gates openes you paddle in and stay on the right side and keep hold of one of the ropes that hang along the sides. Wait there until the lock process is over and then paddle out through the Hammarbykanalen.

When you come out to Stadsgårdskajken, you have to find an appropriate time to pass the sea lane (make sure you that no Finland Ferries or other large ships are about to cross the sea lane at the very moment you about to cross it). Then cross it rapidly at its shortest point.

Well over the Djurgården side, follow the shore on your left. Here are a number of docks that you can stop by if you need to stretch your legs (keep in mind that these bridges are a little challenging to get up on when they are more than 60 cm high).

Once you have rounded Djurgårdens eastern tail, you will enjoy a calmer ride through the Djurgårdenkanalen. After a few kilometer you will reach Moderna Muséet, café Djurgården, Skeppsholmen and Strandvägen. Enjoy the surroundings and make sure that your camera is available to take some nice pictures.

The paddle tour is continuing by passing Gröna Lund (look out and give way for Djurgårdsfärjorna (Djurgården tourist boats)!). Set off towards Hammarby canal and then through Hammarbyslussen and back to Långholmen kajak.

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Around Djurgården