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Förmånspaddling företag

Offer kayaking on Långholmen for your employees from May to September!

Paddling out on the water in a kayak or on a SUP is both a nice form of exercise and a wonderful experience, but above all a perfect outdoor activity. Regardless of whether you paddle in a group or on your own.

We at Långholmen kayak offer a simple and flexible invoicing solution so that you as an employer can arrange pleasant and flexible company activities for your staff.

Most companies choose to give their employees a certain number of paddling opportunities at Långholmen kayak. Each employee receives a code that they use when booking a kayak. You as an employer will be invoiced monthly in retrospect, depending on how many people have paddled.

Nowadays, kayak and SUP paddling courses are also approved as tax-free wellness activities, which means that you as an employer have the opportunity to encourage your staff to a healthier lifestyle in a favorable way by using the wellness allowance.

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