Rent a dry suit at Långholmen Kayak

With us at Långholmen Kayak, you can rent a drysuit for kayaking all year round. We strongly recommend using a dry suit during the parts of the year when the water temperature is lower than 15 degrees, or if you are going to practice rescue/Eskimo roll and thus spend some time in the water.

1 day SEK 450
2 days SEK 550
1 Weekend (Fri-Mon) SEK 690
1 week SEK 990

The dry suit must be combined with some type of shoes/sandals to avoid damage/holes on the feet of the dry suit. The suit is tested after each rental to ensure maintained waterproofness. Pick-up and drop-off takes place directly in our shop/showroom at Hornsgatan 151.

Dry suit size guide

The sizes are a guideline and are calculated based on your height.

XS 150-158cm
S 159-166cm
M 167-175cm
L 176-184cm
XL 185-193cm
XXL 194-202cm

Planning to eskimo roll or go kayaking in colder weather conditions? Regardless of whether you need a dry suit on a specific occasion or if you want to try it out before an upcoming purchase, we offer dry suit rentals all year round.

Both our models Sea Paddle Inuit and Sea Paddle Valkyria are made of 3-layer nylon and with good breathability and waterproofness and are just as suitable for hobby paddlers as for experienced paddlers.

Inuit is equipped with latex cuffs, while Valkyria has neoprene neck cuffs and latex wrist cuffs. The feet are made of the same 3-layer fabric as the rest of the suits. With a dry suit, you extend the wonderful paddling season just as long as you want.

Both the dry suit's arm cuffs and neck collar are made of 100% latex. We have also chosen to reinforce the fabric on the knees, elbows and seat for extra durability. To ensure the suit's waterproofness, there are also holes for drainage and the seams are welded.

The strong zipper with T-handle opens the entire front, making the suit very easy to put on and take off.
The sleeves have waterproof latex cuffs that are covered in warming neoprene. There is also adjustable Velcro around the collar and ankles for increased comfort. The suit has two pockets, one of which is on the inside of the dry suit.

If after your rental period you decide to buy your own dry suit, both our dry suit models are available for sale in all sizes.

Fun trivia

The Inuit in Greenland invented both the drysuit and the chapel. However, the dry suit was never used in the kayak, but only in connection with whaling. Sometimes someone has to jump down on the whale and push in the harpoon or the hook! A Greenland drysuit was sewn from sealskin and had a hole on the chest where the user could eel in, before it was lashed together.


"Smooth reception, knowledgeable staff who know the weather. Beautiful views. All in all, a really nice experience."

Avenir K


"The guide was excellent and the city is even more beautiful from the water, if possible. A great way to get active and have a unique experience."



Find the right one & prepare yourself

All rentals start at Långholmen next to the Pålsund Canal. The nearest address is Alstaviksvägen 3, parking is available at Långholmen camping. The nearest subway is Hornstull and if you take a bus, you can go to Högalidsgatan (bus 4) or Bergsund beach (bus 54 & 66).

Be there at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to check in and prepare your equipment. Warm welcome!

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