Children's kayaks

We at Långholmen kayak also offer kayaks for children and young people. We think that everyone should be able to paddle alone regardless of age and always welcome interest in paddling. Our children's kayak Havspaddeln Mini is suitable for children between 5-10 years old, depending on size, while Havspaddeln Viggen is suitable for children with a length of about 150 cm. If you have more questions about our children's kayaks, please call us on 08-740 05 05 or email us at på and we will help you.

Things to consider when buying a children's kayak

Our kayaks for children are very much appreciated by both children and parents. It is a good start into the kayaking life to let the younger ones paddle on their own. What you want in a children's kayak is that it should be stable so that the children feel safe on the water. Something that is especially good to use right at the beginning is an "outrigger" that works as a steering wheel for the kayak. In our children's kayak Havspaddeln Mini, an outrigger is included and you can easily attach it over the hatch on the kayak. In addition to stability, durability is important. Our models are made of wear-resistant polyethylene plastic so they can withstand use and do not require direct entertainment. Our latest addition to children's kayaks is the Havspaddeln Micro, which is an even simpler kayak for children even under 5 years of age. This is more of a sit-on-top children's kayak that requires adult supervision. The model Havspaddeln Viggen is more of a junior kayak than a children's kayak and is suitable for young people from 150cm. It can also be paddled by shorter children, but then it will be difficult to use the rudder. To choose the right children's kayak for your needs, we recommend going by the age and height of the child who will be paddling. If you have more questions and concerns, you are welcome to contact us on 087400505 or