By kayak through Stockholm's southern archipelago

Start and finish: Trosa sea bath and Sollenkroka jetty. Length: 167 km Difficulty level: The described tour is difficult in windy weather, but alternative routes closer to the mainland are less sensitive. In calm weather medium difficulty. The...

Air kayak - Tips before your purchase

Kayaks have existed since time immemorial and have developed over the years and today come in several different designs.

What should be included in your paddling tour? Tips for a well-planned packing list

What you take with you on, for example, a week trip varies from paddler to paddler, from environment to environment and from season to season.

The history of the canoe

Canoes, in the form of kayaks , Canadians or fishing kayaks , take you easily out on the water, around the nearest headland or out to the farthest skerries.

Rudder or Skädda?

Rudder or paddle - a common and not infrequently infected topic of discussion in paddling circles. Both experienced paddlers and beginners can use either a paddle kayak or a rudder kayak.

What is a rudder? A brief review

If you have ever rented a kayak, you probably know how a rudder works. You steer with your feet, pressing the right pedal when you want to turn right and vice versa.

Långholmen Kayak x Nansen Polar Expedition

This is the story of the Nansen Polar Expedition and the collaboration with us at Långholmen kayak. With the collaboration, we have seen our self-designed products slide around among ice floes and penguins in Antarctica.

Don't fall into the plastic trap!

Are you thinking about kayaking and considering whether to buy a plastic kayak or a fiberglass kayak?

Good tips when buying a SUP

Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP paddling as it is often called, has become popular worldwide in recent years.