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With us at Långholmen, you will find a number of kayak and SUP paddles in various models from our own brand Havspaddeln. We have everything from the slightly cheaper paddles in aluminum to the most expensive paddles in carbon fiber. There are many different things to consider when choosing which paddle is right for you and your purposes. If you want some tips and advice along the way, you are welcome to contact us on 08-740 05 05, we will be happy to help you.

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Here's how to find the right length for your kayak paddle

When you go kayaking, it is important that you have the right length of your paddle. The right length improves your technique and enables a more efficient paddling.

Your height determines

To quickly determine what length you should have, you can look at the table above. The length of 220 cm is for most people a good length to start with, then you can feel it out and make adjustments.

A practical way to determine roughly how long a paddle you should have is to stretch your arm straight up. The length of the pad should be from the ground to your fingertips ±10 cm. If you have the paddle available, you can place it vertically in front of you and extend one arm toward the top of the blade.

The width of the kayak determines

The type of kayak you will be paddling also affects your choice of paddle length. In general, you can say that the wider the kayak, the longer the paddle should be. If you have a very wide kayak (over 76 cm), a paddle in the 230-250 cm range is suitable. However, the majority of all kayaks are under 59 cm wide, so it is most common to choose a paddle that is between 210-220 cm.

Paddle style

Your technique or rather your paddling style is also important when choosing the length of the paddle. Most common among beginners is that you have a relatively low paddle position, i.e. you keep the paddle relatively close to the kayak when paddling. The same applies when paddling longer trips. If you think you will be paddling with a lower paddle stroke, get a longer paddle.

For those of you with a taller paddle, for example if you want to paddle for exercise, you should choose a shorter paddle. With the higher paddle position, you hold the paddle in a higher basic position (approximately at eye level) and start your paddling from there.

Tip! - The length of the paddle also determines how much leverage you get. If you want to pull heavy powerful strokes, you can choose a paddle that is slightly longer. With a shorter paddle, you get a higher frequency instead. With some paddles you can adjust the length, at Långholmen kayak there are for example carbon fiber paddles and wing paddles where you can infinitely adjust both the length of the paddle and the angle between the blades.

Here you will find a more detailed guide on kayak paddles where we cover different types of paddles and materials.