Fishing kayak

Långholmen kayak offers fishing kayaks in many different designs and price ranges. We have fishing kayaks both with and without a pedal system, for one or more people with a focus on fishing trips and/or recreational paddling. All our fishing kayaks are made of durable polyethylene plastic and have plenty of space for possible catch or packing. If you need tips and advice about buying a fishing kayak, please call us on 08-740 05 05 or email


Fishing from a kayak is an easy way to get out on the water that more and more people have discovered. A fishing kayak is easier to handle than a boat - you can load it on the roof of the car, and you can get into really shallow bays that no other boats can access. You can also use it for things other than fishing, such as recreation (ordinary paddling), hunting, photography or bird watching. You are less visible than in a boat, and no engine scares away the fish. It also doesn't require the same maintenance as a boat and you don't need a berth.

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