Course in Eskimo roll

Whether you are a seasoned ocean paddler or a new kayak enthusiast, this Eskimo Turn course will give you the confidence you need to take it to the next level!


Become an expert in peer rescue

T rescue and Eskimo roll

Get private help from an experienced instructor

Enjoy nature in peaceful Pålsundet

For those who want to take the next step as a kayaker

Our instructor Erik Wahlberg has many years of experience teaching paddlers of all ages to successfully perform an Eskimo roll. Our 2-hour course gives you plenty of time to learn and practice each step of the role. In the small group of a maximum of 5 participants, all paddlers receive valuable individual feedback while we work on perfecting your technique to master the Eskimo turn!

Am I ready to roll?
Learning to roll requires you to be comfortable enough with a paddle in your hands that you can focus on learning a new paddling skill, while upside down and underwater. It may sound scary, but we have years of experience teaching this skill and have taught hundreds of paddlers to roll successfully. Do you feel unsure if you can pass the course? Email us and we will help you, or book you on our kayak course for beginners.

TIP! Bring swimming goggles and a nose clip or cyclops that suits you for the best experience! – Experience level: beginner
– Prerequisites: basic knowledge
– Age: >15 years


"Smooth reception, knowledgeable staff who know the weather. Beautiful views. All in all, a really nice experience."

Avenir K


"Would like to recommend Långholmen's kayak. Such nice staff, nice kayaks and fabulously beautiful environment to paddle in!"

Christel E


"The guide was excellent and the city is even more beautiful from the water, if possible. A great way to get active and have a unique experience."



Find us & prepare yourself

All rentals start at Långholmen next to the Pålsund Canal. The nearest address is Alstaviksvägen 3, parking is available at Långholmen camping. The nearest subway is Hornstull and if you take a bus, you can go to Högalidsgatan (bus 4) or Bergsund beach (bus 54 & 66).

Be there at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time to check in and prepare your equipment. Warm welcome!