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Want to take your SUP paddling to the next level? Then maybe a hard fiberglass SUP is something for you. We offer stable and easy to paddle SUP boards in fiberglass. Choose between a classic Allround board or a faster Touring board. Do you need advice on which SUP suits you best? Call us on 08-740 05 05 and we will help you further.

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Which SUP model should I choose?

The first thing you should think about is, in which waters you intend to paddle and what purpose you have for paddling. Do you plan to paddle for exercise, do yoga or do you plan to paddle with children? The board's shape and length reflect its properties. An all-round board, eg Tor 11'0, has a blunter front, is slightly shorter and wider, which also makes it more stable. A Touring board e.g. 12'6 has a sharper front, is slightly narrower and longer which means it cuts the water better and you get a better glide.