Life jackets

Don't forget the life jacket when you go out on the water. When you invest in a good life jacket, you also invest in cheap life insurance. Our paddling life jackets are well adapted for both kayaking and SUP paddling, allowing you to move freely and freely when you go paddling. They are also CE-marked and approved according to the standard.

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Which life jacket should I choose?

Only buy a life jacket that is CE marked, regardless of model. It is important that the life jacket fits firmly, comfortably and does not slide around. This is actually more important than having exactly the right weight on the label as this is just a benchmark. Lifejackets rated at 50N keep the user afloat by a good margin and are suitable for swimmers who weigh at least 25kg. If you do not know how to swim or if the child weighs less than 25 kg, you should instead choose a life jacket that is classified to 100N.