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Why should you buy accessories from Långholmen kayak?

We help you with the safety equipment:

Långholmen Kayak has extensive experience in all types of paddling. We are passionate about helping people get out on the water, in a safe and secure way. For us, it is a matter of course to take into account the risks associated with paddling. We have therefore built up a wide range of safety equipment that allows you to feel safe during your tours.

Depending on when and where you will be paddling, we recommend different safety accessories. Below we would like to advise you on what you should consider when choosing equipment:

  • If you paddle a lot in the dark, you should always have a kayak light to make you visible to the boats in your surroundings.
  • If you want to extend the paddling season, a drysuit is recommended, even if against all odds you end up in the cold water.
  • If you paddle a lot on your own, it's good to have a pump with you and float , to always be able to carry out self-rescue out on the water without having to go ashore.

Always for all levels:

People choose to kayak for a variety of reasons. Some people love to glide around and enjoy nature, while others see the paddle trip as a tough workout.

We have chosen to put a lot of focus on being able to offer accessories that suit everyone. Regardless of whether you are a nature lover, an exerciser or perhaps both. For this reason, we have made sure to be able to offer everything from, for example, the simplest aluminum paddles to the more advanced carbon fiber wing paddles.

You can always feel sure that we at Långholmen Kayak can help you find both affordable and relevant accessories that are right for you.

Safe and durable:

Accessories from us at Långholmen kayak are manufactured in high quality. As we ourselves are diligent users of our own products, we can assure you that both the function and the durability meet our own high demands.

We always offer a 14-day open purchase and 2-year warranty on all new products. You should always feel sure that you are getting a product that meets your expectations and delivers as promised!