Don't fall into the plastic trap!

Hamna inte i plastfällan!

1-layer or 3-layer plastic? Don't fall into the plastic trap!

Are you thinking about kayaking and considering whether to buy a plastic kayak or a fiberglass kayak?

Perhaps you have concluded that a plastic kayak is both more durable and more affordable for your purposes?

Then comes the next question – should you buy a kayak in 1-layer plastic or 3-layer plastic? In general, you can say that if the kayak is built with exactly the same quality of material and the same manufacturing method, a 1-layer kayak is more durable and a 3-layer kayak is stiffer.

1-layer plastic is homogeneous and made in one casting, while 3-layer plastic has 3 layers, of which the middle layer is a foam core.

Is a 1-layer plastic kayak lighter?

No. Both kayak types are made with the same plastic thickness. What controls the weight is the length of the kayak and any accessories such as packing hatches etc.

Sea paddle Sarek- Yellow

Is a kayak in 3-layer plastic more durable than a kayak in 1-layer plastic?

No, not necessarily. What determines whether a kayak in 1-layer or 3-layer plastic is less or more durable simply depends on the type of polyethylene plastic it is made in. LLDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Some factories make kayaks in HDPE plastic but of lower quality, hence the prices can be lower for these kayaks.

All kayaks from Havspaddeln are made of high-quality HDPE, regardless of whether it is 1-layer plastic or 3-layer plastic. As we also use our kayaks in our rental business, we are extra careful that the plastic is of a high standard. Therefore, we also have a close collaboration with the factory before each production.

Depending on the area of ​​use, a 1-layer kayak may be preferable, for example if you are looking for a research kayak or recreational kayak. For example, a 3-layer kayak may be preferable if you are buying a two-man kayak where it is important that the kayak has better rigidity.

Short and sweet! Which type of plastic kayak you should choose simply depends on your purposes!

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