Kayak holder for transport

Kajakhållare för transport

Kayak holder

A kayak holder is used to transport a kayak on the car roof. There are a number of different kayak holders on the market. Although they all basically fulfill the same function, they come in different shapes, sizes and price ranges.

At Långholmen kayak, we recommend our foam transport cradles, which are "foam blocks" that are pressed onto the roof rack without any hassle. They are easy to assemble, easy to handle when not in use and very affordable. No screwing, no fiddling, you just set up the kayak, strap in and drive away.

The transport cradles take into account the 3 most important aspects when transporting a kayak:

  • Kayak safety

The kayak holder's most important function is to transport the kayak safely. The fact that the kayak can be transported safely means that it is not at risk of being damaged or dropped, or scratched during transport.

  • Ease of transportation

If you move your kayak around often, it is important that it is easy to mount the kayak on the roof rack. Keep in mind that time spent loading the kayak is often time you lose out on the water.

Do you think it is a hassle to put the kayak on the roof of the car by yourself? Then you can try one boat roller . This makes it easy and convenient to launch the kayak onto the roof yourself.

  • Place on the roof rack

If you have a car with limited space on the roof rack, it is usually still possible to lean on a transport cradle where the cradle sticks out a bit longer than the length of the roof rack. If you want to transport two kayaks on the roof, this way you get space with two transport cradles next to each other, regardless of how wide the roof rack is.

Good luck with your kayak holder purchase!

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