Kayaking in the Trosa archipelago

Kajakpaddling i Trosa skärgård

Trosa sea bath - Kråmö round trip

Trosa archipelago is easily accessible by canoe from Trosa harbour. The archipelago is dominated by the two larger islands Askö and Fifång and the three large open bays, from the north Svärdsfjärden, Asköfjärden and Yttre Hållsfjärden. On these open bays, the wind easily gets a lot of leeway, which can make paddling difficult and unmastered in certain situations. On the other hand, the band of smaller islands between Fifång and Askö provides significantly more protection and shelter from winds and thus makes that part of the archipelago easily accessible. Bokö - Oxnö, Kråmö, Grytan and Korpen lie like a rosary closest to the mainland. You get here via the narrow channel that separates Hämö just outside Trosa from the mainland. Most of the islands are part of nature reserves. On Bokö - Oxnö's northwestern headland is Julafton's lighthouse, the real name is Bokö lighthouse, which got its name when a ship sank here in a snowstorm.

Kråmö is a suitable destination for a day trip, especially if you are not a very experienced paddler. Kråmö houses an old archipelago home dating back to the 17th century. In the 1940s, Kråmö was purchased by an entrepreneur who built cottages for his employees. Nowadays, the island is owned by Trosa municipality, which rents out the cottages. Here there is a harbor in the form of piers which at certain times are also called by tour boats from Trosa harbour.

Start and finish: Suitable mooring sites are Trosa havsbad at Rävudden's swimming and camping site on the island of Öbolandet outside Trosa harbour. The island has a bridge connection with the mainland. Ask at reception to put the kayaks in at the launch ramp inside the barriers to the campsite and park according to the instructions. Here you can also rent a kayak. Another suitable place is the marina next to the bridge over to Öbolandet. A third place is at Stensund Folk High School just north of Trosa, which also has kayak rentals. Destination is Kråmö. You return to the starting point.

Length: 12 km

Difficulty level: Easy on the border of medium.

Map: Terrain map Sörmland archipelago, scale 1: 50,000, printed on water-repellent material.

The tour offers: Archipelago island with archipelago village, narrow channel, open but relatively sheltered bays, lighthouse.

Kayak rental: Trosa havsbad, Rävuddsvägen 42, 619 31 Trosa; www.trosahavsbad.se. Stensund, Trosa; www.stensund.se; www.skanpol.se; phone: 0739-532419

From Trosa havsbad at Rävudden you set your sights on the island of Hämö across the bay. You then cross the entrance to Trosa harbor on the way, so watch out for other boat traffic. Go to the right of Hämö's northern tip, follow the island's shores south towards the reed belt you see in front of you. A channel opens in the left part of the reed belt closest to Hämö. Here there is also a sign indicating the maximum speed through the channel to 3 knots. In the channel you have Hämö on the left. Out of the canal, you continue to follow Hämö's beach to the left, the compass course is then almost due east. You see the Julafton lighthouse with the yellow lighthouse keeper's residence on the next island, Bokö - Oxnö, in front of you in the direction of travel. Paddle past the lighthouse on the same course, ie with the lighthouse on the right side. If the wind is northerly, it may be an idea to paddle on the other side of Bokö - Oxnö instead. Pass Brännskär, which has a sandy beach on the westernmost cape, and enter the next island, Kråmö, on the north side. Here there is a large wooden jetty and several red-painted cottages. Go ashore at the beach just beyond the jetty. The building is located in the meadows next to the jetty. The entire area is owned by Trosa municipality. You can rent one of the cabins through the Trosa tourist office. The island is reached in summer time by tour boat from Trosa harbour. You paddle back, preferably the same way you came.

Olle Persson

Trosa Kråmö Brygga

Kråmö pier