Nyköping's archipelago by kayak

Nyköpings skärgård med kajak

Sävö and the Ringsö archipelago

In the northern part of the Nyköping archipelago and as a continuation to the south on the Trosa archipelago lies Sävö and the archipelago around Ringsö. This entire archipelago area, a large part of which is a nature reserve, is well connected as long as the distances between the islands are not far, it is possible to paddle between them relatively protected from winds from most directions, while the proximity to open water and an open ocean horizon in the east means that the choices are many. These islands, together with the archipelago around Stendörren, can also be said to surround the open bay Tvären, which is centrally located in the area. Tvären is an almost circular bay that is believed to have been formed by a meteorite impact at the beginning of time. Sävö is closest to the mainland and is a good starting point for further tours in the area and is also a good destination in itself.

The easiest way to reach Sävö is from Källvik's jetty. The entire island is a nature reserve. During the 1990s, the county board upgraded the reserve, which now shows the island as it looked when the land was farmed in the 1940s with open fields and meadows. A hiking trail, part of the Sörmlandsleden, leads you around the beautiful cultural landscape. At Sävsundet, a hostel is set up in the old pilot's quarters. The white-painted pilot lookout remains on a rock next to the strait. From Kikarberget you have an impressive view to the west over the open bay Tvären and to the east over Gupafjärden. Alternative loading point to Källviksbrygga, where it can be difficult to find a parking space, is Nynäs brygga and further south Studsviks brygga 

Sow around

A short day trip that offers a lot of content. You can combine the paddling trip with a hike around Sävö, where you can also spend the night at the hostel or in a rental cabin. In Sävsundet you can feel the beat of history. There have been pilots here for many generations as well as defense facilities. Here there is a living archipelago landscape to experience up close.

Insertion: Källvik's bridge

Length: 5 km

Difficulty level: Easy

Map: Terrain map Sörmland archipelago, scale 1: 50,000, printed on water-repellent material.

The tour offers: Living archipelago landscape, former pilot house and pilot lookout, Stella Maris artwork, swimming, narrow straits and open bays, hostel, view.

From Källvik's jetty, you only have three hundred meters to Sävö's north-eastern side. So there is no longer luck ahead of you. It runs in sheltered waters and is suitable for inexperienced paddlers. If you just want to get over to Sävö, you can approach the jetty in Boholmsviken on the north-eastern side of the island. Near the beach are a couple of red painted buildings so it's easy to find. One of the buildings is a rental cabin and from here you can follow the hiking trail around the island. Just south of Boholmsviken, you see a wooden work of art, Stella Maris, on a rock. It means Star of the Sea and is a female figure here shaped like a windbreak. But if you want to go around the island, continue south between Kvinnholmen and Sävö and turn right into Sävsundet. You see the white-painted former pilot's lookout on a rock knoll to the right. There were pilots here until 1967. Shortly afterwards you can paddle in to the right under the jetty to the grassy slope below the former pilot's residence, which is now a hostel. Here you can rest or spend the night. Sävsundet once had defense facilities on both sides of the strait. The name Skansudden on the Långö side of the strait recalls this. Paddle on past the Sävösund lighthouse on Sävö's southwesternmost cape, Sakri's cape, and further north the small island of Granholmen. In Huvviken inside there is a barbecue area and good swimming opportunities. The northernmost cape is aptly named Sävö Norrudde and the mountain inside Djupviksberget. On the mainland side you now see Källvik's lighthouse and behind it Källvik's jetty where you started.

Olle Persson