Kayak at Stendörren in Sörmland

Paddla kajak vid Stendörren i Sörmland

The archipelago around Stendörren is located on the coast of Sörmland between Nyköping and Trosa. It is a nature reserve that consists of two parts, on the one hand a mainland part with adjacent islands, several of which can be reached on foot via suspension bridges, and on the other hand an archipelago part where you can only get to by boat. On the mainland, there is a Naturum at Aspnäset, open in summer, and two rental cabins and several shelters. (Naturum tel: 0155-263180, County Board of Sörmland tel: 010-223 40 00). The purpose of the reserve is to make the area available for outdoor activities, but note that camping is prohibited on the parts you reach on foot and west of the inner archipelago trail. Just before the parking lot at Stendörren, there is a pontoon for launching kayaks. The whole area and especially the archipelago part is very scenic. You paddle through a labyrinth of narrow passages where you are close to the open sea at all times. You have many nice rock outcrops to choose from for a break or overnight stay.

How do you get here and where can you launch your kayak

To get here, follow road 219 between Vagnhärad and Nyköping. You can put in your kayak at Studsvik's jetty or at Stendörren. Towards Studsvik's bridge and Stendörren, you turn off at the road sign for Studsvik. To Studsvik's pier, continue along the road past the industrial facilities and down to the water. Loading is best done from the launching ramp at the far end along the piers. To Stendörren, turn off about 2 km after the exit from road 219 to the right, road sign Stendörren, and continue to the last parking space before the barrier. 150 meters before the car park, an arrow points to the right to a pontoon for canoes.

Paddle around the Stone Door

The archipelago part of Stendörren is unique in its kind. In a small area, the archipelago's various landscape types are represented, from the inner archipelago to the outer archipelago. A Naturum located next to one of the east coast's most famous trails enhances your own experiences with easily accessible information. The beautiful landscape where sea and land meet provides an intense nature experience. You can combine the paddling tour with a hike within the reserve. On the islands connected to the mainland there are a large number of barbecue areas and rest areas.

Insertion: The stone door

Length: 7.5 km

Difficulty level: Easy

Map: Terrain map of the Sörmland archipelago, scale 1: 50,000

The tour offers: Easily accessible living archipelago landscape, dense archipelago with narrow passages between the islands, open sea, Naturum, prepared rest areas

You put the kayak in at the pontoon in a quiet bay surrounded by cliffs with sparse pine forest. Paddle under the suspension bridge over to Stora Krokholmen out in Fladen and round Runnudden with boat jetties and Naturum just inside. Now you are out in the inner archipelago route with often heavy boat traffic. The grazing animals at Aspnäset to your left keep the landscape open. The foundation in the middle of the fairway, Nordstjärnan's foundation, is guarded by a lighthouse, Fyrhuset, which has ancient origins. The fairway is difficult to navigate right here. Pass the narrow passage to the north that gave the area its name, Stendörren, and round Krampö to the right, to the southeast. Most of Krampö is not included in the reserve. You now have a fairway on the left side out in the strait towards Ringsö. When you have passed Krampö, you will have the Griskär Övre lighthouse out on a spit to your right. You follow Griskär's east side, pass the Griskär Nedre lighthouse and round the southern cape. Across the strait, towards Ringsö, is Barnmorskegrundet, which certainly has an interesting history. Round Griskär and paddle up the narrow strait towards Springarholmen, round Granholmen to the south and up through the strait towards Klovskär. This area is the most spectacular in the reserve with narrow passages, cliffs, open sea mixed with inner archipelago. Here there are many rock outcrops to rest or spend the night at, for example on the south side of Springarholmen and the west side of Klovskär. Cross Krampöfladen, the open bay you see in front of you, to the west. Round Krampö on the south side, again through narrow passages towards the smaller islets outside. Now you come back to the inner archipelago trail. Cross it north, especially watching out for fast motor boats, and paddle in between Stora and Lilla Krokholmen back to the pontoon where you started.

Olle Persson