Havspaddeln Eskimå sea kayak

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Havspaddeln Eskimå combines stability and speed in a good way, perfect for those who want to start paddling. Suitable for paddling in turbulent archipelago water as well as in a calm lake. Eskimå is a flexible and easy-to-paddling sea kayak with a comfortably adjustable backrest and foot pedals, a comfortable seat and spacious packing spaces.

  • Suitable for paddling both in the archipelago, sea and lake
  • Stable and easy to paddle
  • 2 large tailgates


The foot pedals, with which you control the rudder, are easy to adjust while sitting in the kayak. The small mesh pocket on the top of the kayak makes it easy to store fruit and other things that you want to access during the paddle trip.

Havspaddeln Eskimå is a sea kayak, which means it is longer than 5 m and therefore copes well in wavy and windy conditions. The length of the kayak in combination with the hull shape means that it breaks the water nicely and has a long waterline, which also means increased stability and course stability.

Eskimå is a durable kayak made of 3-layer polyethylene plastic, which makes it very rigid and robust. With this kayak, you can easily pull the kayak up on the edge of the cliff when you want to go ashore for a coffee break, without fear of cracks or other damage. Eskimo is basically maintenance-free, which means less fixing and more time on the water!

Simple control system
The rudder located at the rear of the kayak is easily operated using the foot pedals located in the cockpit. The foot pedals can be quickly adjusted so that the kayak fits both shorter and taller people. With the rudder, the kayak is easy to maneuver when you want to change course and parry the wind. You can easily fold up and down the rudder from the cockpit via a string that is easily accessible on the outside of the kayak.

Luggage compartment sea kayak

Space for packing
Eskimå is equipped with two large luggage compartments, as well as a smaller easily accessible luggage compartment just behind the cockpit (right side). In these you can store sleeping bags, extra clothes, food and other packing that you want to take with you on the trip. Small things such as a water bottle, map and fruit are best stored in the mesh pocket in front of the cockpit, or alternatively in the smaller middle cargo hatch with screw lid.

Comfortable paddling
Eskimå has a soft seat with a backrest that is adjustable in height, depth and side. On the inside of the cockpit there are leg supports that allow you to have good contact with the kayak and sit comfortably during the entire paddle trip.

Sea kayak Eskimo carrying handle

Good carrying handle
There are handles at the front and rear of the kayak that make it easy to carry the kayak. If you have to carry the kayak yourself, you get a good grip on the cockpit with one hand. If you are alone and can't bear to carry yourself, a kayak trailer can be good for transporting the kayak on land.

Condition: Used product
Model: Sea kayak, versatile/all-round kayak
Length: 502 cm
Width: 57 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg
Material: 3-layer Polyethylene plastic
Volume tailgates: Front; 60 liters, rear; 60 liters, middle; 23 liters
Cockpit outer dimensions: 83 x 47 x 29 cm
Cockpit internal dimensions: 75 x 40 x 32 cm

Suitable for those who weigh between 50-100 kg and are 150cm-195cm tall.

10 best reasons why you should buy a Havspaddeln Eskimå
Easy to paddle and stable
Suitable for paddling both in the archipelago, sea and lake
2 large tailgates
1 coffee compartment
Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest
Mesh pocket for storing, for example, a map or water bottle
Kayak trailer fits in the boot
Also suitable for beginners
It is durable and hard-wearing
Adjustable foot pedals


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Magnus Hagberg

Jag beställde men ångrade mig och mailade Långholmen kajak, men har inte fått något svar efter ganska många dagar

Fredric Karlsson

Snabbaste leveransen jag varit med om.

Jörgen Dahlquist

Snabb leverans och fin kajak
Snygg orange färg

Mats Andersson

Mycket bra

Klas Fredman

Lättpaddlad och samtidigt relativt stabil. Går fint I lite grövre sjö. Något känslig för sidvind, men det går ju alltid att droppa rodret som hjälp. Lite teknik så lyfter man de 28 kilona upp på biltaket själv.