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Havspaddeln Fjord is a nice beginner kayak/sea kayak with two pack spaces and a very comfortable cockpit. Thanks to its length of 510 cm and its hull shape, Fjord gets a long and fine waterline, while being stable enough for the beginner to intermediate paddler. Large spacious cockpit with comfortable seat and adjustable backrest.

  • Beginner-friendly sea kayak
  • Spacious cockpit with comfortable seat
  • 3-layer plastic

Large and spacious
It is important to sit comfortably in your kayak. Fjord has a large cockpit with spacious legroom. Although this is a more stable kayak, Fjord is at the same time easy to drive, thanks to Fjord's balanced design. The kayak is well suited for archipelago paddling, where you like to have a kayak that combines stability and maneuverability in a good way.

High quality plastic material
You usually have a kayak for many years. Since the kayak will possibly be used by someone other than yourself, it is good if the kayak is durable and shock-resistant. Fjord is made of high-quality 3-layer polyethylene plastic, which provides a robust construction that can withstand all the types of stress and impact that a kayak is exposed to.

Storage space
For those who intend to go on longer paddling trips, there is space for packing in the two packing hatches. Water bottles and accessories such as the kayak pump are best attached to the deck, where the elastic cords keep things in place.

The two large handles at the fore and aft make the kayak easy to carry. Through a string on the right side, you can fold up/down the rudder depending on paddling conditions or paddling style. You control the rudder with the foot pedals, which can be quickly adjusted to the right distance.

Condition: Used product
Model: Turk kayak, sea kayak
Length: 510 cm
Width: 59 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Maximum load: 135 kg
Material: 3-layer Polyethylene plastic
Volume tailgates: Front; 55 liters, rear; 50 liters
Cockpit outer dimensions: 82 x 52 x 32 cm
Cockpit internal dimensions: 75 x 45 x 28 cm

Suitable for those who weigh between 50-110 kg.

10 best reasons why you should buy a Havspaddeln Fjord
Easy to paddle and stable
Suitable for paddling both in the archipelago and in lakes
2 large tailgates
Slightly wider cockpit
Beautiful seat with adjustable backrest
Good course stability
Also suitable for beginners
It is durable and hard-wearing
Adjustable foot pedals
Safety straps and tension straps for storage


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