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The price includes: kayak, paddle, canopy and life jacket.

The sea paddle Jokkmokk is a slightly shorter sea kayak with a design that combines speed, stability and playfulness in the best way. This kayak is very easy to maneuver, both with and without a rudder. Jokkmokk is the perfect day trip kayak, easy to get in and out of, has plenty of storage space and can be paddled by the whole family. The kayak is made of strong and durable HDPE plastic.

  • A shorter kayak perfect for day trips
  • Good storage space
  • Spacious cockpit with comfortable seat and high backrest

Comfortable seat
The Jokkmokk sea paddle is equipped with a slightly higher padded seat, which provides great comfort when paddling. The height of the seat also means that you get better support for your back, especially during longer trips.

Good storage facilities
The kayak has two large storage options in both the hatches and on deck. There are two larger tailgates, one at the front and one at the back. In front of the cockpit there are elastic straps for storing a dry bag or water bottle. On the inside of the cockpit, you can comfortably support your thighs against the padded leg supports, to make good contact with the kayak. This kayak is very stable.

Easy to carry
At the stern and bow there are two stronger handles that are used when the kayak has to be carried. If you want to carry the kayak yourself, it is also convenient to carry it with a grip on the cockpit.

3-layer or 1-layer plastic?
Unfortunately, there are players on the Swedish kayak market who mislead consumers regarding the quality of plastic kayaks. Whether the kayak is made in 1 layer or in 3 does not have to affect the kayak's quality, performance or durability. The kayak's plastic can be the same thickness regardless of the number of layers and different constructions are suitable for different models and hull shapes.

1 - Bearing plastic is more compliant/flexible and is therefore more susceptible to shocks and bangs. Fits well on short plastic kayaks.
3-layer plastic is stiffer, less flexible, but is often a better choice on a kayak that is longer than 5 m where you need increased torsional stiffness.

The kayak's price is never determined based on the number of layers of plastic, but rather based on the quality of the plastic and the kayak's details. If you have questions about the type of plastic, please ask us. We have 10 years in the industry and over the years have sold many kayaks of both plastic types.

Condition: New product
Model: Sea kayak
Length: 441 cm
Width: 57 cm
Weight: 24 kg
Maximum load: 147 kg
Material: HDPE plastic
Cockpit outer dimensions: 94 x 49 cm
Cockpit inner dimensions: 87 x 42.5 cm

10 best reasons why you should buy a Havspaddeln Jokkmokk
Larger cockpit
Slightly shorter kayak
Perfect for day trips
Stable and easy to maneuver
Suitable for lakes and calmer waters
2 large tailgates
Safety straps and tension straps for storage
Beautiful seat with adjustable backrest
2 good carrying handles
Adjustable foot pedals


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Customer Reviews

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Björn M.

Har bara testat en gång än så länge, men den verkar funka bra!


Riktigt nöjd med mitt köp

Tim Bäckström

Något repigare än jag förväntat mig men det är säkert från kajak till kajak. Inget som påverkar funktion såklart.


Snabb leverans av fina kajaker. Mycket bra prismässigt. Vi har dock inte hunnit prova kajakerna än då isen fortfarande delvis ligger i kvar i vår havsvik. Vi har även för några år sedan köpt en kajak härifrån och den har fungerat mycket bra.

Anette M.

Prisvärd och bra kajak. Saknade dock bild på hur rodret skulle monteras. Men det löste personalen snabb genom att fota och skicka bilder.