Havspaddeln Frej - Inflatable kayak (package price)

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Havspaddeln Frej – a stable and durable inflatable kayak. It is practical to carry with you wherever you go and easy to store. The kayak is equipped to provide the best possible experience and the most important accessories are included.

  • 2 large fins
  • Inflatable seat
  • Drain plug


2 large fins
An inflatable kayak slides a lot on the surface of the water as it is relatively flat underneath. This of course affects exchange rate stability a lot. Therefore, it is very important that you have two large fins underneath. If the kayak only has one fin, it will be much more difficult to paddle.

Splash guard
An inflatable kayak is more open than a normal sea kayak and then both the paddler and all the packing are more exposed to getting wet. It is then important to have splash guards both front and back that repel much of the water that would otherwise have gotten into the kayak

Drain plug
An inflatable kayak is easy to unpack and pack down, but getting all the water out when unpacking can be very difficult. It is therefore good to have a drainage plug that facilitates this. If you pack up a too wet kayak that has been lying around for a long time, it can contribute to the kayak becoming stale.

Longer paddle
Considering the width of the kayak and the thickness of the sides, you need a paddle that is at least 230cm long to get a comfortable and natural paddling.

The sea paddle Frej is made of a wear-resistant PVC material that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The material is exactly the same as our SUPs that we use in the rental business and that we strongly trust. The nose and end of the kayak are equipped with hard plastic, which means that it will not take a beating even if you happen to paddle into docks, rocks or the like. You should be careful with the fins under the kayak, but they are a larger and more wear-resistant variant that also withstands a lot.

Space for packing
An inflatable kayak lacks packing hatches, but this model has "pockets" front and back instead. We have made these extra large to protect the packing as well as possible but also to avoid getting too much water into the kayak. There is plenty of space to bring gear for overnight stays or long day trips. On top of the pockets there are also elastic straps where you can attach other types of packing such as waterproof bags for example. There is also a small net pocket right next to the seat for smaller things such as a mobile phone, sunglasses or a water bottle that you want to easily get hold of.

Comfortable paddling
This inflatable kayak is very comfortable to paddle, mostly because of the inflatable seat. The kayak has been developed over a long period of time to create an inflatable kayak that does not feel clumsy and that provides the best possible paddle handling. With a higher seat, you get up a bit and get a more natural paddling action. Since this type of kayak is wider than usual and the large sides mean that you get further from the water, it is very important that the kayak has an inflatable seat and a longer paddle.

Good carrying handle
The kayak is equipped with 4 carrying handles, which makes it easy to carry the kayak both alone or together with someone.

Condition: New
Package includes: Kayak, seat, 4-piece paddle, double-action pump, 2 fins, footrest, repair kit & a bag
Model: Inflatable kayak
Length: 320 cm
Width: 90 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Max load: 160 kg (for maximum performance)
Material: PVC + High quality "Drop-stitch" | PVC "floor" and 3 separate air pockets
Specifications: 4 pcs carrying handles, paddle holder, drainage plug, inflatable seat, front & rear splash guard, extra long paddle, 2 pcs large fins, elastic straps for storage, hard plastic at both ends, adjustable footrest, mesh pocket at the seat, 3 pcs air pockets, carry bag, repair kit & double acting pump.

Fits all sizes of people as it is possible to adjust the position of the footrest and the position of the seat.

10 best reasons why you should buy a Havspaddeln Frej - Inflatable Kayak
Easy to paddle and stable
Suitable for paddling both in the archipelago, sea and lake
2 large fins for course stability
Splash guards both front and rear
Inflatable seat for better paddling participation
Drain plug
230cm paddle for better paddle handling
Also suitable for beginners
It is durable and hard-wearing
Adjustable footrest


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Linus Naumann

Tålig, enkel att montera ihop och isär. Smidig att transportera. Inte lika snabb som en vanlig kajak men snabbare än jag trodde. Bra kajak för priset👍

Joakim Axelsson

Riktigt bra för nybörjare, enkel att ta med i bil eller bära bara.

Björn Hägglund
Havskajaken frej

Supersnabbt.Alla delar med,väntar på öppet vatten.

Mats Larsson
Allt ser bra ut och transporten var snabb!

Jag köpte en uppblåsbar Kajak med tillbehör! Allt ser bra ut, men Jag väntar med provturen tills det blir badväder! Mats L.