Kayak loader with rotating roller

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Our kayak loader with rotating roller allows you to easily load the kayak on the car roof by yourself. You attach it to the rear window of the car with two suction cups and acts as a support for the kayak when you push it onto the roof of the car. After the kayak is up on the roof, it is easily detached by releasing the suction cups before departure.

  • Rotating roller for smooth loading
  • Easy to load the kayak yourself on the roof of the car
  • Reduces damage when loading

The kayak loader can be advantageously used together with our practical ones transport cradles in foam .

The kayak loader works on almost all cars and is also practical and easy to use. If you often paddle alone, this is an indispensable accessory, especially if you want to be able to easily load the kayak on the car roof by yourself. With the help of the kayak loader you avoid both heavy and difficult lifting and with the large wide rotating roller you get good control over the kayak. You also avoid the risk of the kayak hitting and damaging the car. If you often transport the kayak on the car roof, this is a worthwhile investment for your kayak.

Condition: New product
Model: Kayak loader with rotating roller

How do I mount it on the car?
You mount the kayak loader easily on the car's rear window with the help of the 2 suction cups. You start by wiping clean the surface where you will attach the suction cups. Then you fasten them using the handles on each suction cup. It can be adjusted to different heights to fit the car and, if necessary, it can also be attached to the car's sheet metal.

Once it is attached to the car, place the kayak against the rotating roller and slide the kayak onto the roof of the car. For safe transport, you can advantageously use our foam transport cradles to minimize the load on the kayak when it is on the roof rack.

When you have placed the kayak on the roof, you unload the kayak loader before departure. You can do this easily by releasing the tension in the suction cups using the handles. When you need to unload the kayak, attach the kayak loader to the car again and carefully pull the kayak down using the roller.

This kayak loader is suitable for all types of kayaks and takes up little space in the car when not in use. If you want a smaller kayak loader, we can recommend our Boatroller. Read more about it here


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