Kayak paddle cow fiber - Ergonomic

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The ergonomic carbon fiber kayak paddle combines comfort and performance for paddle enthusiasts. With its light weight and superior rigidity, it offers:

  • Gentle paddling for the body.
  • Optimal control and precision.
  • Long-lasting durability and stainless construction

Other Benefits
A carbon fiber kayak paddle not only offers ergonomic benefits but is also an indispensable companion for paddle enthusiasts. Known for its exceptional strength and lightness, carbon fiber gives the paddle superior maneuverability and precision on every stroke. Its incredible durability and resilience extends life and reduces the need for regular maintenance. The smooth surface and streamlined shape of the carbon fiber blade reduces water resistance, resulting in more efficient paddling and increased speed.

Investing in an ergonomic carbon fiber kayak paddle is not only an investment in your comfort, but also in your performance and long-term paddling enjoyment. With its gentle properties and superior construction, every paddle trip becomes a smooth, efficient and pleasant experience.

We can also recommend our wing paddle in carbon fiber, which is also adapted for exercise paddling and more powerful paddling. Read more about it here.

Product: Kayak paddle in carbon fiber - Ergonomic
Condition: New product
Model: Flat paddle
Length: 213-223 cm
Weight: 730 g
Leaf area: 634 cm2

Top 10 reasons why you should buy an ergonomic carbon fiber kayak paddle
Strength and stiffness
Precision in paddling
Saves energy in the shoulders and back
Efficiency in paddling
Increased speed
Reduced load
Gentle on the body
Long service life


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