Kayalite kayak light

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A kayak light is almost a must for experienced night paddlers. The clear light source attached to the kayak drastically reduces the risks that come with paddling in the dark. You simply attach the lamp to a string, line or hook that is on the top of the kayak. It fits all types of kayaks and SUPs, regardless of brand and model.

  • Easy to attach to the kayak
  • Fits all kayak models
  • Completely waterproof

Unlike other portable navigation lights, Kayalite is virtually impossible to damage or lose at sea. The lamp is completely waterproof with a waterproof rating of IPX8 and should you manage to drop the kayak lamp during the trip, it will quickly float to the surface, where the strong LED lamp means that it is always easy to find.

It is easily attached to any deck loop or other rope on the top of the kayak. It is also possible to fasten the lamp directly to a carrying handle or any free buckle. Thanks to this simple installation, the kayak light fits perfectly on all types of craft, whether you are paddling a regular kayak, a sit-on-top kayak or a SUP.

The secret behind Kayalite is the unique mast technology that allows it to overcome previous limitations that other rigid navigation lights with suction plug-based solutions always suffer from. A cable on the inside of the lamp ensures that the mast is always upright while ensuring that it does not accidentally come loose or break in half.

Kayalite comes with 2-led lamps, which give a total lifetime of over 10,000 hours. The kayak lamp also contains 3 AA batteries from the start, which give you the lamp's first 100 active hours.

In mid-2020, the Kayalite kayak light also received the editors' choice award in the magazine "The Gear Hunt". Where an independent survey gave the kayak light kayalite a perfect score of 100/100. Read more about it here!

Product: Kayak lamp
Condition: New product
Height: 45 cm
Weight: 370 grams

Material: ABS black
Base cushion: EVA foam
Base diameter: 10 cm
Tension cable: Salt water resistant nylon

Kayalite - kayak light
Waterproof: IPX8
Depth resistance: 300 meters
Lamp: 2 LEDs
Lamp life: 10,000+ hours
Batteries: 3 AA batteries


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