Things to think about before the kayak trip

Att tänka på inför kajakturen

How much you need to prepare before the kayak trip naturally depends on how long you will be paddling, as well as the weather and wind. At Långholmen kayak, a life jacket, paddle, canopy, map and waterproof bag are always included in the price when rent a kayak . We are happy to help with tips on suitable paddling routes depending on the weather conditions of the day. Here are some things to consider, depending on how long you will be paddling.

For those who are going to paddle a shorter trip (0-2 hours):
Clothes - It is best to dress as lightly and as little as possible without starting to freeze. Remember that you get hot when you paddle. Training clothes (synthetic material) are good - the clothes should preferably breathe and dry quickly if they get wet. A windbreaker can be good to have if it's windy. Swimwear if you want to take a dip!
Water bottle – Always good to have a water bottle with you, especially if it's summer and hot!

Determined route – It is good to decide on a paddling route in advance. Most of the time you can paddle one of the routes that we recommend here without any problems. If it is very windy, our on-site staff can recommend a suitable route based on the day's wind conditions.
Sunscreen - Apply sunscreen if it's a sunny day, otherwise it's easy to burn yourself when the sun is blazing out on the water.
Other equipment - we recommend bringing as little extra equipment as possible if you are only going to paddle for 2 hours.

For those who want to paddle a little longer (4 hours – Full day):
In addition to what is recommended above, we also recommend bringing:
Change of clothes - if you get wet, it can be nice to have the opportunity to change clothes. Warm clothes should be worn if you are going to spend the night.
Rain clothes - it can be nice to be able to protect yourself from rain if the weather feels unstable.

Food - bring fruit/snacks that can be eaten while paddling. When it comes to food, it's mostly a question of packing options. If you are going out on a day trip, there is plenty of room for food and you can then take pretty much any food with you. If you are staying one or more nights, it becomes more important to pack the kayak carefully and thus choose dishes that take up limited space.

Packing - always pack the heaviest things in the middle of the kayak to make the kayak move as well as possible in the water. Remember to take advantage of the entire kayak's packing volume - you can pack things at the very front and back of the kayak, as well as in front of the feet in the cockpit.
Other equipment that may be useful to have with you:
Sleeping pad
Sleeping bag
Trangia kitchen
Water (approx. 3 liters per day/person)
Extra paddle

If you have questions, you can always send an email or ask us on site if you have any questions about your upcoming kayak trip!