Wing paddle carbon fiber

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Wing paddle, an effective paddling

The wing paddle gives you a good grip and pressure. The light weight makes paddling easier and reduces the strain on the body. In addition, the paddle shaft flexes slightly, which also contributes to less strain on wrists and shoulders, among other things.

Condition: New product
Model: Wing paddle, carbon fiber
Length: 210-220 cm, two-piece
Weight: 730 g
Leaf area: 650 cm2

The kayak paddle is a so-called wing paddle, which refers to the bowled shape of the blades. The wing paddle is today the most popular model for exercise and competitive paddling thanks to the effective paddling that is made possible. Compared to a flat paddle or Greenland paddle, the technology differs. The paddle is moved more horizontally and out of the kayak.

The idea behind the wing paddle is that the bowl-shaped blade offers a better grip and increases the use of our larger muscle groups, which makes paddling easier. With a normal flat paddle, the arms and shoulders are mainly used, while a wing paddle to a greater extent activates trunk parity, hips and back, which results in a more powerful and energy-efficient paddling.

Adjustable length and angle
The paddle is 210 cm long and can be infinitely adjusted up to 220 cm. The angle can also be adjusted by locking the mechanism in the middle of the shaft, where you can also separate and extend the paddle.

The wing paddle has become one of the more popular models. As a beginner, it is good to start with a wing paddle and learn the technique. A tip is to watch videos or learn from someone who already uses a wing paddle.

Compared to, for example, a fiberglass kayak paddle and an aluminum kayak paddle, this carbon fiber paddle is more fragile. Therefore, it is good if it is handled carefully and preferably in a paddle case when not in use.

Tip! - If you start to get tired during the paddle trip, "shift down" by making the paddle a few centimeters shorter. Less leverage and easier paddle pull.

How long should I have a paddle?


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cai-ingvar levin

possitivt+possitivt + återigen possitivt

Jonas Berggren

Toppen, krävs så mycket mindre kraft för samma utväxling som en vanlig paddel. Kommer köpa en till tjejen med. Prefekt för tur paddling


Hade stora förväntningar och paddeln levde upp till dem! Lätt och snabb


Trevlig vingpaddel! Höger grepp är lite ovalt. Mycket bra. För Jubileumspriset kan det inte bli annat än 5/5. Tack/Jan