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Hyra kanot Stockholm

Canoe rental Stockholm

At Långholmen kayak, we often get the question "can we rent a canoe from you?". We'll do that! However, it is important to know what is meant by canoe, as the word canoe includes many types of watercraft. Some types of canoes are one-man kayaks, two-man kayaks, Canadians, outriggers, and sailing canoes. Dragon boats are also a type of canoe.

Långholmen Kayak rents stable one-person and two-person kayaks. The two-man kayaks are relatively similar Canadians in its stability and spaciousness. If you are a complete beginner, you sit very stable and safe in the two-man kayak. At Långholmen kayak, you cannot rent a canoe in the shape of a Canadian.

You can rent your one-person or two-person kayak  here!

Rent a canoe

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