Air kayak - Tips before your purchase

Luftkajak – Tips inför ditt köp

Kayaks has existed since time immemorial and has developed over the years and comes today in several different designs. A kayak model that is becoming increasingly popular due to its portability, versatility and durable design is the air kayak, also called an inflatable kayak . The first air kayaks were invented in Germany in the 1950s and took off in Europe shortly after. At first the kayaks were made of rubber, but have since evolved and are now usually made of more advanced materials such as PVC and hypalon plastic. Air kayak an excellent choice for anyone who wants to explore and experience nature in a simple and comfortable way.

Are you thinking that buy an air kayak There are mainly three things that are good to think about:

  1. Area of ​​use: It is good to think about which how you will use the kayak. Will you be paddling in calm lakes and rivers or more advanced adventures, such as rafting? Will you be paddling alone or are there more of you? Some air kayaks are designed for a specific purpose, while others are more versatile. Consider how and where you will use your kayak to find one that suits your needs.
  2. Storage and handling: One of the biggest advantages of buying an air kayak is its portability, which allows you to paddle anywhere without the worries of transport and storage, unlike a large and heavy "regular kayak". It is important to remember that the kayak is completely dry before you pack it into the bag to avoid mold or fungus growth during storage. This can easily be done by drying the kayak thoroughly with a towel or letting it dry naturally in the sun. With the right care, you can continue to enjoy paddling with your air kayak for a long time to come.
  3. Quality: When choosing an air kayak, it's important to invest in quality, but it doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to find the one that suits your needs and wants. Think of the air kayak as a long-term investment, something that you will use and enjoy for many years to come. Look for models that are made of materials such as PVC or Hypalon. These materials are strong and durable, meaning they can handle rocky or hard water environments without being damaged. By choosing a quality air kayak, you will have a safe and reliable kayak that you can enjoy for years to come.

Get the opportunity to experience fantastic nature and water areas wherever you are - paddling has historically never felt easier and freer than now!