Figure eight – Reimersholme and Långholmen

Åttan – Reimersholme och Långholmen

Length: approx. 1.5h/ 6000 m

Difficulty: 2/5 (good beginner's tour)

Paddling an "eight" around Långholmen and Reimersholme is our most popular tour - it is suitable if you want to paddle at a calm and pleasant pace and have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Perfect also for those who bring a picnic and want to find their own donut spot along Långholmen's cliffs.

The tour starts from our jetty where you paddle out under the Långholm Bridge and further out into the leafy and idyllic Pålsund Canal. You paddle past Långholmen's boat club and further past the sailboats at Göta Segelsällskap.
When you have passed the western tip of Långholmen, you are out in Riddarfjärden and can see Lilla and Stora Essingen and Kungsholmen on the other side. You continue along Långholmen's northern side and after another 5 minutes you have Långholmsbadet and its sandy beach on your right. Here, it is great to add the kayak if you want to take a break for a swim, or perhaps enjoy your picnic.

When the journey then continues, you paddle out under one of Stockholm's largest bridges – Västerbron. After a while, a beautiful panoramic view stretches over the heart of Stockholm: City Hall, Gamla Stan and Slussen. A given "kodak moment" for most people.

When the eastern part of Långholmen has been passed by houseboats and other vessels, you get to enjoy perhaps the finest part of this tour – gliding in the Pålsund Canal between beautiful wooden boats from as early as the 1910s.
You pass Långholmen Kayak's jetty and paddle after passing Långholmsbron to the left under Reimersholmsbron. On the right you pass the Örnsberg Kayak Society, then you follow the land on your right and after about 20-30 minutes you are back in the Pålsund Channel and at Långholmen Kayak's jetty, most likely healthy and filled with a wonderful nature experience!