The Essinge Islands


Length: 1.5-2h / 7 km

Degree of difficulty: 3/5 (for those who have paddled before)

The paddle tour around Lilla and Stora Essingen is a nice tour where you have the opportunity to see the exclusive villas along the coastline of the Essinge Islands from the first floor. This trip involves several fairway passages and can be a bit bumpy at times. If you stay close to land where possible, it is, however, a pleasant trip that you can complete in two hours.

The tour starts from Långholmen Kayak's pier, where you start by paddling out under Långholmsbron and then left under Reimersholmsbron. You cross the following fairway and pass Gröndal on your left, after which you paddle under the Essinge Bridge.

At the appropriate time, cross the fairway on your right and paddle across towards Stora Essingen's 'coastline' and then follow the shoreline all the way around the island. When you have rounded Stora Essingen, you can choose whether you want to paddle back to Långholmen kayak directly, or if you want to take a little extra trip and also paddle around Lilla Essingen (recommended).