Around Kungsholmen

Kungsholmen runt

Length: approx. 2-4h / 10,000 m

Degree of difficulty: 3/5 (for those who have paddled before)

Paddling the 10 km tour around Kungsholmen is a classic among Stockholm's inner-city paddlers. A very beautiful trip with a mixture of calm canal waters and slightly more choppy fairway waters. This trip is paddled for 2 hours (without a break) if you have previous experience with kayaking. If you have less experience, you should rent the kayak for 2-4 hours so you don't have to stress.

The tour starts from our jetty, from where you paddle out into the leafy and idyllic Pålsund Canal. You paddle past Långholmen's boat club and further past the sailboats at Göta Segelsällskap.

When you have passed the western tip of Långholmen, it is time to cross Riddarfjärden and its fairway. Make sure that no motor boats are about to pass in the fairway before crossing the fairway at a brisk pace at its shortest possible crossing. You then paddle under the bridge between Lilla Essingen and Kungsholmen, after which you paddle past the beautiful Fredhäll rocks on your right.

The tour continues under the Traneberg Bridge and further along the Hornsberg beach. It's often quite windy here! When you get past this part and slip into the Karlberg canal, the water is significantly calmer and sometimes you get the feeling that the paddle trip is going through exotic marshlands.

Towards the end of the Karlberg Canal, you meet Stockholm's stately city hall a few meters away, which is an awesome experience. Anyone who wants to go on an exciting adventure can in this location take an extra trip towards the central bridge and get a glimpse of the Riksdagshuset.

The last part of this route can be a bit messy depending on the weather. Here it is good if you stay close to land, either along Norrmälarstrand or along Södemälarstrand. The last stretch towards Långholmen and through the Pålsund Canal is very beautiful and calming.