Good tips when buying a SUP

Bra tips när du ska köpa SUP

Stand Up Paddleboard, or SUP paddling as it is often called, has become popular worldwide in recent years. It is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world according to the Swedish Canoe Association. The reason? SUP has something for everyone!

To paddle SUP , not only provides a fantastic core workout but strengthens the whole body. You also get better endurance and not least balance! In addition, it is a lot of fun and can be done anywhere there is water, as long as you have the right equipment.

So what should you consider before investing in one SUP ?

The first thing you should think about is what type of water you intend to paddle in and what the purpose of the board is. Do you plan to paddle in calm waters or along the coast where there are more waves? Will your board be used solely for exercise purposes or more like a leisure board for the whole family? One All-round board fits most people, regardless of whether you intended to use it for, for example, yoga or as a recreational board. If instead you want a slightly faster board and you know that you will mostly use it for exercise, then a Touring board suit you better.

An Allround board is slightly wider and more stable, while a Touring board is narrower and a bit longer. It also has a sharper front, which means that it cuts the water surface better, which gives a faster speed and is good for exercise paddling.

Are you a SUP beginner?

Then we recommend an all-round board, which is a little wider and more stable. In the beginning, however, it can be difficult to find the balance, but it will be easier if you do it in the right order.

Start by attaching your footleash around your foot. Then place the paddle across the board and then kneel, just behind the center of the board. Remember to place your legs on either side of the carrying handle. This is a good starting position to find your balance before slowly standing up one foot at a time. If you also focus your gaze ahead, you will be able to maintain your balance more easily.

Now it's time to start paddling. Don't forget to have a straight back but with the knees slightly bent. Grasp the handle of the paddle at the top with one hand and the lower part of the shaft with the other hand. Remember that the paddle blade should be facing away from you and not towards you, which you might think feels more natural. Now you can carefully take long, slow paddle strokes. Make sure the entire blade is below the surface of the water for as long a distance as possible during each paddle stroke.

You should also consider where you intend to store it

You choose one inflatable SUP , so it takes up less space and you can take it with you everywhere - even if you travel abroad. Everything you need for paddling fits easily in the durable backpack that comes with the purchase.

The advantage of one fiberglass board is that you don't have to pump it up and you get out on the water faster. However, this is more fragile than one that is inflatable and requires a little more space for storage, but if you are close to the water and only intend to store it in the same place, this may be the best option for you. In addition, fiberglass is usually faster and the board slides forward more friction-free on the water, which in itself provides an even more wonderful experience.

Make sure you have the right equipment

Finally, you need to check that you have the right equipment, so that you get as comfortable a paddling experience as possible. The four most important accessories are paddle , fin , foot-leash and life jacket. If you buy a complete inflatable SUP package, everything is included except the life jacket. Everything is also packaged in a flexible and durable backpack. If you choose a fiberglass board instead, only the fin is included and you can supplement with the other accessories.

Which paddle should I choose?

Which paddle you should choose, of course, depends a lot on how much and how you intend to paddle. One aluminum paddle works just fine, but if you plan to use the board more for exercise paddling, one can fiberglass paddle or carbon fiber paddle be preferred as it is both faster, easier and more fun with a lighter paddle.

Pretty much anyone can learn to paddle, but if you want to take your paddling to the next level, maybe SUP yoga is for you? During the summer we offer both guided tours beginner tours and SUP yoga classes where you will learn more about exploring the interaction between the body and the board.

Want more tips and ideas about SUP paddling?

Do you want tips and ideas regarding different boards or do you want to recommend a certain place that is particularly suitable for paddling? Join the group "Stand Up Paddleboard Sweden" on Facebook and share your tips and events. There are many members in the group who share experiences and we get extra happy when nice pictures with Havspaddeln boards appear among the posts😊.

Fun trivia
Each year they organize both the SM and WC in SUP paddling